Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Morning Visit From A Good Friend.

Pagi tadi, after breakfast around 10 plus, Zam and anak nya Zarra paid a visit to my humble teratak. Seronok bila our buddy datang rumah. Tapi lebih seronok kalau janji awal-awal, so boleh masak and makan sama-sama. We had our usuall chat while Iyad and Zarra having a good time playing together.

Zam , with her Ana Solehah blue blouse that matched her beautiful prinnted pashmina, with Zarra next to her. usuall the host, talking and chatting happily. At this moment, discussing on what to sell and what to hold.

     Huuu...Zam is looking like an Arab model, sitting on my big, comfy, olive coloured 'grandfather chair'.

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