Saturday, June 23, 2012

My New ' Must Have ' Every Morning

This is my new suppliment that I love to take every morning. It has been a month since I've tried it myself after been introduced by a friend. Kalau sebelum ni I have big problem dalam hal membuang ayaq besar everyday, now tak lagi. And for that I am very very happy. Tq ALLAH. Tq to my Virgin Coconut Oil.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lama Tak Bersua

Salam June.

Lama nya kita tak bersama ya diary. Saya rindu. Namun masa dan kebosanan yang tah apa-apa membelenggu setiap jejari untuk membuka blog dan menekan papan kekunci.

But tonite I force myself to open it and try to jot something. Actually when you begin to write, there seems like some nice feeling that overpowered you to write more.

I've been bad this past few months. Bad in a mummy way. So lazy to cook, lazy to work on the clothes and lazy to decorate the house. Maybe it's because of the unsecured feeling of not owning the house. Maybe because of the feeling of eagerness in waiting to move in to our own house. many 'mengada-ngada' reasons. The truth is, I'm just lazy and just love to lay back. Hmmm


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