Monday, October 11, 2010

Hasha's Birthday

Happy Birthday dear darling. Actually, tarikh birthday Hasha yg sebenarnya belum tiba lg. She was born on the 14 th of October 2005. Every year, birthday nya selalu disambut sama ada on the day itself or akan dianjak ke weekend kalau ia jatuh on busy weekdays. Tp tahun ni kami buatkan in advance due to the hectic weekdays that falls on Thursday plus tak boleh pulak nak buat on weekend co'z mummy got PTK exam on Saturday 16th while on Sunday 17th we have to attend our niece 1st birthday . Fuhhhh......what an explanation and what a busy schedule we have.

This time, differ from previous years n for the first time ever, we did a breakfast gathering party. For me, it turned out really well and I love every moment of it. Darling besar and me buat tema  'Sarapan Pagi '. So all the food are the usual breakfast food. Enjoy the photo ya.

Hasha and her friends. ( mummy doakan agar Hasha sentiasa sihat walafiat, dalam lindungan ALLAH SWT,  dimurahkan rezeki, terang hati, menjadi anak yg solehah dan bahagia dunia akhirat. We love u darling.)

 Hasha tgh tunggu kawan-kawan. ( kat belakang ada fruit tart yg sedap tau. Mummy order kat Rozy Bakery ) .

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