Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kegilaan Baru

Semenjak dua menjak ni, wardrobe aku sedikit sebanyak dah bertukar isinya. Kalau dulu penuh dgn baju kurung tradisional dan moden serta blouse dan skirt, sekarang bertukar kepada various colour of straight jubah. Not that i dont want or dont like to wear the usual baju tradisional anymore but it seems wearing jubah is more easier and comfortable plus u look chic n sweet too.

My first jubah was from a boutique here near Tunas Manja Transit Quarters. The owner, Kak Yan, said that the fabric was very cooling and indeed it still is. It is made from high quality of lycra. I love wearing it all the time but one problem is, i have to keep my stomach flat if i want to wear it because if that part looks bulgy it shows clearly.

Later, i did go and buy another jubah from her. the funny thing is, i just change the colour and pattern but the fabric and the cutting was totally the same. How silly of me. But...that was before. Now i'm crazy with the custom made jubah that i asked my tailor to made it just for me. Maybe, i will post an entry to show the various range of jubah for u guys to see. Nothing to brag or to show off, just to share my  new passion. Aghhh....women.

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Anonymous said...

i nak share tunjuk my abayas kat cni bley...i punye blog dah bersawang


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