Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Future Home Sweet Home

Sooo long, it was sooooo long ago ( ikut rythm ada satu lagu Inggeris ni tah apa nama tak ingat.) since I wrote something here. As usuall so many things to be done, so little time we have. Many things happened around me. Happy moments as well as tiring moments. Here are a few shots that I took on our becoming home sweet home. It's in Hijauan Perdana in Kampung Padang area. Let's view the before 'siap' one. Then later, insyaALLAH I'll post other shots when it is completely done.

                                                                    Front view

                                                                     Future living room

                                                                  My kitchen to be

In my doa, i wish to ALLAH may HE give us the chance to live here in 'rahmah' and full with 'berkah'. Amin.

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